Posted on Feb 14, 2019

Cobus van Vuuren | Marketing Consultant

How You Derive Revenue From Your Website Visitors

Why Digital Marketing can help you with Lead generation and more Sales.

In this website scenario, the site brings in 1000 visitors from various sources that click through to the website. This is based on content, authority, answering search intent and user experience.

How many visits does your website get?

The visitors convert via high-value contact points like newsletter sign-ups, contact us pages or product/service pages.

Each visit is worth something as each visit is a potential conversion, but every click cannot become a conversion. A revenue value for someone visiting your site is then assigned to each of these contact points on your site.

So currently this sites online efforts bring in revenue valued at:

All Visits 1000 x $1 = $1 000
Contact Us 15 x $500 = $7 500
Newsletter 25 x $150 = $3 750
Product/Service 10 x $1 499 = $14 990
A total of $27 240 in Revenue per month.

How many visitors do you convert into sales?

At this point in time, you are not happy with your revenue and want to grow your business.

What needs to happen?

3 things you can do to improve this situation:

Increase the number of visitors:
Improve your conversion rates
Or both
Increasing your visitors by just 30% means an increase in revenue of $8,172.

And if you can improve the conversion rate across the board with just 0.5% that will mean an increase in revenue of $10,745.

That is a total of $18 917 more revenue for your business.
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